Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year. Old Journal.

I admit it. I am a crappy journal keeper. There have been brief periods in my life where I've written in a journal every day, but usually it becomes a chore rather than something I enjoy.

Instead, since 1987, I have kept a New Year's Eve journal since this involves only writing one entry per year and is therefore a less daunting task for a reluctant journal keeper like myself. So each year, on New Year's Eve, I write a short summary of what I and each person in my family was up to during the year. Then I also write about:

-my friends (it's interesting to see how some are always there and others come and go)
-fun things I did during the year
-bad things that happened
-activities and jobs held (I also used to list classes and teachers when I was a student)
-what I got for Christmas
-best books/movies/boyfriends of the year
-what I did on New Year's Eve
-what I hope to accomplish for the following year

It's always entertaining to read prior entries (who was the cute boy back in 1992?) and also the previous year's entry to see if I accomplished any of my goals (happily, I did accomplish 5 out of 6 of the goals for 2009). This year's writing goals include breaking into one additional major publication, revising my memoir, and finding an agent.

How about you? Do you keep a journal or something like it? What writing goals do you hope to accomplish this year?


  1. I don't know, Chantal. I think blogging is journaling at its finest. So while you may think you're a crappy journal keeper, the truth is you're a great one!

    As a side note, I love the concept of the one-entry-per-year cool!

    As for my writing goals, stop by Beyond The Gray to check out my 10 Goals and 10 Resoultions for 2010. (

  2. I've never been able to write a journal, but the minute I started typing one I found it easier. I still don't do it every day, but I try to remember to write when something big has happened (positive or negative), and I suppose my blog is a kind of edited journal. I love the idea of your NYE journal though, may start it up this year!

  3. Hi Erika, I didn't think about my blog being a journal, thanks, that's a great point and makes me feel somewhat less crappy :)

    Beth, hope you start a NYE journal. It's so much fun to read as the years go by.

  4. I never knew about your NYE journal! It's a great idea. I keep a travel journal like I mean it and have since 98, so at least my trips to other places come alive, even if I can't remember what I did last Tuesday.

  5. I'm better about travel journals than regular journals too. But sometimes I wish that I could remember certain details about my every day life better. But that would mean more journals...

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