Friday, April 2, 2010

Personal vs Private and What Not to Ask

Grüezi. Writer Abroad is spending Easter relaxing in Bled and catching up on All That Is Cool On The Internet.

So without further delay (Ok. Ok. She's logging out of Facebook), another international round-up is here.

Interesting piece on the shrinking opportunities for professional photographers in The New York Times. Writer Abroad thinks most professional writers will relate to this as well, especially with sites like Demand Studios taking over the Internet.

Speaking of content sites like Demand, WordCount blogger Michelle Rafter had an interesting interview with the CEO of Suite101, another content site threatening to take jobs away from professional writers. But he disagrees he's doing that. See what you think.

Over at the Urban Muse, Susan Johnston ran a great post on the 10 Things You Should Not Ask a Freelance Writer.

Author Allison Winn Scotch opened a good discussion on the line between personal and public.

And finally, Writer Abroad wouldn’t be Writer Abroad if she didn’t promote herself too. She’s got an essay about expat life in Skirt! Magazine this month. Maybe you'll relate to her identity crisis. Talk about the personal made public.

As we say in Switzerland, Frohe Ostern. A Happy Easter to all.


  1. I love Skirt! Congrats on the essay and thanks for the link. Frohe Ostern to you, too. :)

  2. Read the expat (as I am one) article in Skirt - I can relate had the big job/salary/car/pressure/etc but gave it all up - downsized and just enjoy life and write. But OK I was not with a partner at the time so it was easier. But there is life after the corporate crap.

  3. Beautiful essay. I've tagged along to some of my husband's business meetings and felt very similar.

    Happy Easter!

  4. I love AWS. I missed that post somehow. Thanks for the link! Happy Easter!

  5. Thanks all. Glad some of you could relate with the Skirt essay. That's always great to hear.



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