Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Great Gifts for International Writers

At the first mention of Christmas, Writer Abroad gets so hyper and determined that she regresses, oh, about 27 years. To give a little order to her madness, she’s complied a list of gifts that are perfect for the international writer in your life (hint, hint).

One: iPod Touch

Make calls on Skype. Download Swiss train timetables. Record interviews. This little gift just keeps on giving—wherever you are in the world.

Two: Noise cancelling headphones

Concentrate on long-haul flights. Concentrate at an ad agency. Or just live in a little English bubble.

Three: Airline miles

Got a lot of miles piling up and don’t know what to do with them? Now you do.

Four: Book Depository Gift Certificate

Free shipping, worldwide. This means a writer abroad can divide big orders into smaller ones to avoid customs charges without having to pay more for shipping. Oh, the things we think about.

Five: A taste of home

Kraft Mac & Cheese. Jif peanut butter. Duncan Hines brownie mix. Need I say more?

Six: Magazine subscription

When your phone bill, local newspaper, and bank statement are all in German, an English magazine in your mailbox is like Christmas.

Seven: AvantGuild Membership

MediaBistro is a useful site for many writers abroad. With an AvantGuild membership, they can gain access to exclusive content like how to pitch articles and discounts on online classes.

Eight: Online Writing Class

Give a gift where English is a given: on the Internet.

Nine: Skype Credit

Get the writer in your life to stop writing and start talking. For about $30, your writer can call unlimited landlines or cell phones in the United States for an entire year. Including yours.

Ten: Moleskine Notebook

What writer doesn’t need one of these? You can even give them a City Notebook for their adopted home.

Ok writers, what do you want that I've forgotten?


  1. A snazzy, passport cover, because it just makes you feel glam. Mine was a gift, is red patent leather & from Tiffany's. Selection of Jo Malone mini-colognes. 6 for around $90. They smell divine, won't be taken away from you in the airport & keep you alert while you are waiting for your next flight. A hard shell suitcase in a bright color - light, protective & you won't confuse yours for anyone elses.

  2. Yes, I realize this is an old post, but like a broken clock that's still correct twice a day, it's that time of year again.

    Lamy Safari fountain pens with ink cartridges in a rainbow of colors (helps for organization and to keep us away from saner people).

    For us female expats living in non-white countries, makeup from home is heavenly-- not to mention better for our complexion and wallet.

    Another divine item to have is a wall calendar of your homeland/city. For instance, the Chicago architecture wall calendar I had in China made every day a breath easier.

    Definitely agree with the mileage and #s 6 through 9. Would say taste of home, but actually some things I find I leave behind . Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    Nichole L. Reber

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