Friday, August 26, 2011

How to become a travel writer

Guest post by James Ullrich

People ask me all the time how I became a travel writer. It reminds me of the story about the guy who stops a stranger on the street and asks, “Excuse me, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” and the man answers, “Practice.”

My answer is: “travel.”

The full explanation is more involved but also more interesting. I believe there are three keys to being successful: First, find out what you love doing; something you’d do even if no one paid you. Second, become really good at it. Third, figure out a way to monetize it by finding the right audience/market.

My road to becoming a professional freelance travel writer began with an interest for exploring the places I’d seen on PBS travelogues as a child. Images of cathedral spires soaring toward the heavens ignited my interest in history. Gauzy shots of half-timbered villages laced with cobbled alleyways captivated my imagination. I wanted to go there and see it all for myself.

After college I got a passport and went. I never looked back.

The single best thing I did was bring a journal with me. It was the first thing I packed. The clothes came second.

After scouring Europe over many long trips I’d amassed journals full of observations and adventures. More importantly, I tried to make meaningful connections with the cultures I’d come so far to see. I struck up conversations with strangers in trains, busses, bars, and anywhere else I found myself.

It could be frustrating. Sometimes they didn’t speak a word of English. Sometimes they just weren’t interested in talking to a bedraggled traveler. But more often than not I found a new friend and gain some insight into their world. That’s the thing to remember: Everyone has a story you’ve never heard before, and everyone knows something that you don’t—and it’s often worth knowing.

My point: Readers don’t want a travelogue. They want to make an emotional connection to the place. Make them feel it. That’s your job. The essence of a good travel writer is one part anthropologist, one part vagabond and one part journalist.

You’re ready to do this when you realize that the best souvenirs are the discoveries, memories and friendships you make.

Seek them out. They’re worth the trip.

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