Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Things Writers Love to do on Facebook

1. Announce when they’ve got a writing assignment.

2. Announce what famous person they’re interviewing today for this assignment.

3. Post link to their published article.

4. “Like” their published article, which reposts the link to their published article.

5. Post link to blog post about published article.

6. Repeat 1-5 with each new project.

7. Keep track of what books they are reading on the Goodreads app. Always include own books.

8. Post quotes from famous authors.

9. Try to outdo all other friends (and/or famous author quotes) with pithy status updates.

10. Announce upcoming readings, workshops, or appearances.

Ok, fellow writers. Which ones are you guilty of?


  1. None of the above. Although I'm on Twitter and Blogger, I keep my FB page for personal and family stuff. Have to have a safe-haven!

  2. Wow. That shows some self-control!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes, unfortunately, I have found it so hard not to do a few of the above examples in this industry. Facebook has become such a valuable tool in the past few years. It really helps keep a consistent readership base as well as lure new readers in... Do you have any advise as to how to avoid using Facebook when keeping up a personal blog for example?

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