Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer Writing Conferences in Europe

Thanks to Baby Abroad joining Writer Abroad, she's a bit tied to home this year. But for those with the freedom to travel, Writer Abroad will settle for living vicariously through you. So here's a list of upcoming writing conferences and workshops in Europe. Choose your location. Choose your topic. Then check the dates and costs. (All costs have been converted to USD for comparison purposes). Please note: the costs do not include accommodation unless otherwise stated.

May 11-13: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Topics: Prose and Poetry
Fee: $330

May 18-20: Zurich, Switzerland
Topics: Fiction, Travel Writing/Non-Fiction
Fee: $285

June 24-29: Paris, France
Topics: Short Story, Novel, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Writing for Children/YA
Fee: $859 (registration by 31 March) $991 (Registration after 31 March)

July 1-13: Lisbon, Portugal
Topics: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Photo-Documentary Storytelling, Songwriting, Writing for Television
Fee: $974 (one-week workshop) $2700 (two-week workshop)

August 2-8: Ithaca, Greece
Topics: Literary agents, getting published, freelancing, social media, non-fiction book proposals & more
Fee: $950 (without board) $1550 (with board)

If anyone would like more information on any of these workshops, leave a comment and Writer Abroad will do her best to provide more info in another post.


  1. I'll be speaking on a panel at the Paris Writers' Workshop this summer. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. That's great. Wish I could be there!

  3. Hi there! Just tripped across your site . . . and I'd love to know more about these workshops! I want to do serious writing, am not interested in jockeying for agents' attention. Tell us more about the character of each workshop!

  4. hello, I am really interested in the " Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop" workshop. Can you tell me what would the next step be if you are from Asia?

  5. Hi Writer Abroad! I wil be in Europe may 14-aug 17, 2014 and am wondering if you know where I can find out about writing workshops happening during this time period. Thanks!

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