Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 ways a blog helps a writing career

Often at the workshops Writer Abroad has attended, writers ask why they should keep a blog. Below are five good reasons.

One: It builds a readership

Does anyone read your writing? A blog gives you a good way to find and build a readership—just try not to become addicted to Google Analytics in the process.

Two: It builds a platform

A blog can be a great way to build a writing platform. Although it may take several years to create enough content to finally arrive at that ever so significant 15,000+ views a month (the number Writer Abroad has learned most publishers deem worthy), it can be a fun journey getting there if you enjoy blogging.

Three: It gets you writing assignments

Good blogs are usually single minded, meaning that they focus on one topic. This can help prove you’re an expert while also showing off your writing style. If your blog comes up in an editor’s search results when they are looking for someone to write an article on a certain topic, you might just land an assignment—no pitch necessary.

Four: It keeps you writing

Good writers usually treat writing a blog as part of their job. Therefore, they typically post on a certain schedule—once a week, twice a week, etc. Having a blog means always having a writing assignment and a deadline—so if practice makes perfect, you’ll really improve your writing if you take blogging seriously.

Five: It helps you network

You never know who you are going to meet through your blog. Who will find you? And more importantly, who will your blog give you an excuse to contact?

If you’re a writer with a blog, how has it helped your writing career?


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