Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks to Fellow Writers

This Thanksgiving, Writer Abroad is grateful for the many writers, editors, and authors who have critiqued her work, offered support, or in some other way been extra great. Because writing is a lonely job (especially when you live abroad), it’s nice to have fellow writers among us who understand that. It would be impossible to list them all, but here is a start.

Lizzie Harwood
Lizzie Harwood, a writer and editor living in Paris, edited Writer Abroad’s collection of essays about life in Switzerland. She meets deadlines and is detail-oriented. An expat herself, she’s the perfect editor for expat-related projects. She also offers very competitive rates.

Kelly Jarosz
When Writer Abroad needs a critique, Kelly Jarosz is always there to offer one. A fellow American in Zurich, she’s offered complete writing companionship since 2009. Along with Emily Lacika, Writer Abroad and Kelly Jarosz co-founded the Zurich Writers Worskhop, which provides support to English-language writers living in a German-language world.

Janet Skeslien Charles
Writer Abroad met Janet at the Paris Writers Workshop several years ago and since then this award-winning author of Moonlight in Odessa has taught at a Zurich Writers Workshop, critiqued part of Writer Abroad’s novel, and also recommended various editor friends. Merci, Janet, for all of your support. 

Susan Johnston
Writer Abroad feels like she’s known Susan Johnston forever even though they’ve never met. The blogger behind The Urban Muse Writer, Writer Abroad has been inspired by Susan for years (and learned a lot about writing in the process).

Jill Prewett
Jill is one of those writers who always has about ten writing projects going—The Woolf Literary Journal, Words with JAM literary magazine, Nuance Words projects, and she still manages to run writing workshops and organize independent author meet-ups. She’s an expert on self-publishing too, having published several crime novels under J.J. Marsh. A fellow Zurich-based writer, Writer Abroad is grateful to have Jill’s support.


  1. Chantal, thanks so much for the shout out! I'm touched that you thought to include me. Not sure if you did anything in Switzerland to observe American Thanksgiving, but hope you had a great one if you did. Cheers!

  2. Thanks right back at you, Chantal! If it hadn't been for you and Kelly, and Janet, I wouldn't have done half the things I wanted to do in my writing life. Here's to continued writerly activity and success to all all of us!

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