Monday, March 15, 2010

MediaBistro, Expat Books, & Spanish Rock

Hola! Writer Abroad is recovering not only from her sister’s 10-day visit but also from her first Spanish rock concert. How the heck she managed to confuse an intimate flamenco concert with one of the biggest rock events of the year in Spain is another matter entirely, olé!

Anyhow. Without further delay, another international round-up is here.

Writer Abroad has discovered a great new site called EuroWriter for those who want to get published in Europe.

Since Writer Abroad hasn’t linked to herself lately, here’s a post she wrote for one of her blogging clients on great expat books not to miss. She’s a bit biased, so of course has included a few Writer Abroad-featured writers on the list.

Speaking of Writer Abroad-featured writers, Philip Graham was interviewed by John Warner over at The Morning News and Writer Abroad was pleased to learn that she is not alone in her book-hugging habits. In addition, Philip inspires with tales of his first New Yorker piece, published when he was only 28.

For writers in Geneva, Switzerland, the Geneva Writers' Group offers workshops, conferences, and support groups for international writers. Writer Abroad wishes Zurich was a little closer to Geneva. Or that Swiss trains would go high-speed.

In other news, Writer Abroad is completing her book proposal for Hausfrau: The Memoir, thanks to an online MediaBistro class taught by Random House editor Jill Schwartzman. Writer Abroad has taken several online MediaBistro classes and highly recommends them to other writers who are New York City challenged.

Finally, Writer Abroad is tired of winter. Spring is taking longer than usual to arrive here in Europe and Writer Abroad spent the weekend wearing her ski jacket. Again. Even when surrounded by palm trees in Barcelona.

As a reminder, any writer wishing to become a part of the Writer Abroad-featured family is welcome to contact Writer Abroad. Offers of Lucky Charms or Jif Peanut butter are also encouraged, along with ideas for guest posts.


  1. What a gorgeous photograph. It sounds like you had a great time with your sister. I am about to head to CA for a dose of mine!

  2. So what did you end up seeing? Concert-wise, that is?

  3. Hi Rebecca, thanks. Yes we had a great time. Enjoy your sister as well!

    Hi Expatresse, we saw Los Planetas.

  4. Thanks, Chantal, for mentioning Eurowriter.

    It comes from a database I built up over the past 6 years writing a regular markets column for a bi-weekly newsletter.

    When that folded at the end of last year I found myself with loads of information and nothing to do with it. So I decided to share.

    I hope it will be helpful to expatriate writers. Thanks again for mentioning it.



  5. Hi Alistair, thanks for the email and comment here. The site looks really helpful for all writers.

  6. I'd love to hear more about your good experiences with MB. I took a class with them because all of their classes sound so helpful but I was totally let down. Can you share what made your class so great?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. C, what class did you take?

    I think it depends on the instructor and the group of students that end up in the class. But the Non-Fiction Book Proposal Writing class that I just took was an excellent group of motivated writers who gave great feedback and the instructor also gave comments in an amazingly timely fashion. Of course, being in Europe I can never do the chat times, as 9 p.m. EST is 3 a.m. for us here.

    But maybe I can do a post about MB. I'd love to hear other writers' comments about them as well.

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