Friday, March 5, 2010

Writing Vacations, Souvenirs, and Taxes

Every Friday, Writer Abroad features a few great things she discovered over the week. She's biased, so she might sometimes link to herself. Please excuse her.

For your next Parisian souvenir, forget Eiffel Tower trinkets and notebooks with "Chantal" printed on them (although those are always great). Instead, be sure to get this souvenir t-shirt. It's très chic.

Anyhow. has announced their 2010 travel writing and photography vacations. Marrakech, London, or Istanbul all sound great to Writer Abroad. She’s never done one of these but would love to hear from someone that has. Anyone?

Writer Abroad recently started following Marianne’s Zen & The Art of Peacekeeping blog after she realized that she and Marianne are both in the process of writing a memoir set in a foreign land. (And also because Writer Abroad needs all the zen she can get--the clock tower across the street dings every 15 minutes 24/7).

Writer Abroad has come to the conclusion that tax forms written in English are almost as hard to read as tax forms written in German. But freelancer Jessica Monday has some tax tips for writers over on Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents blog. Then, after all the tax talk, it's back to Marianne's blog for more zen.

Writer Unboxed is looking for a new contributor. You must be an unpublished writer who is interesting in blogging about fiction writing. Deadline to apply is March 7.

This weekend Writer Abroad will be hanging out with her sister, something that happens only a few times a year since Sister lives in Barbecue Land and Writer Abroad lives in a place where people think ribs should be served with sour cream. So if Writer Abroad doesn’t write much next week, don’t despair. She’ll be back soon.


  1. Those travellerstales trips sound so fun!!

    Have a wonderful time with your sister!!

  2. I agree. Would love to hear from someone that's done one to see if they're too good to be true!

    Thanks, I will.

  3. Thanks for sharing the Zen blog..enjoy your vacation!

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