Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing for Online Markets

Whether you are just starting your freelance writing career abroad or are a seasoned writer lamenting the closing of yet another print publication (or are just frustrated by the lack of English-language publications in your current country of residence), there's one place where writing opportunities are still growing: the web.

I just had the opportunity to read veteran freelancer Susan Johnston's "The Urban Muse: Guide to Online Writing Markets," and came away with a list of over 40 new websites to consider pitching as well as a few tips on writing queries and following up. While the guide as a whole is probably most useful to new writers out there, experienced writers looking for online markets will also find the listings helpful.

For instance, I learned about several websites, like FundsforWriters.com, that actually accept reprints of articles. And Johnston also includes sample queries, which beginning writers especially will find helpful. I also like that Johnston has organized the listing of online markets several ways: alphabetically, by topic, and by pay. Web-based markets can be especially expat-friendly since many are not geographically specific, so I recommend this e-book for any writer out there looking to explore new opportunities online.

Johnston has written for many websites (as well as for print publications like Self and The Christian Science Monitor) and if there was ever a freelancer to tell you how to make it as a writer, it's Johnston. The e-book is available from her website. And if you haven't already been reading her award-winning writing blog, it's also packed with great information for freelancers.

Has anyone else written or blogged for any freelance friendly websites?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking at starting to freelance articles on the side, and I've been trying to get as much advice about going about this as I can, so I think this book would be an awesome one for me to take a look at. Will look at buying a copy!

  2. Hi Kim,

    If you're starting out, I think this would be a great reference.

  3. To anyone else interested in this e-book, I want to add that just today, I sold a reprint to fundsforwriters.com in about 10 minutes. This book is indeed worth the money. I highly recommend it for anyone interesting in expanding their market potential.

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