Sunday, January 16, 2011


Writer Abroad is 16 days behind, but here it is: Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone for making Writer Abroad’s first full year on the big wide web an adventure. I’ve enjoyed meeting writers from around the world and exploring how to survive and thrive as an international creative person.

Speaking of surviving while thriving, maybe it’s just Switzerland, but the economy seems to be exploding lately. I’ve been so busy since the New Year began that I’ve had to forgo a ski trip, leave a Sunday brunch early, and turn down a writing opportunity. But I’m not complaining. I love what I do.

Freelancing is always tough because there are usually two situations: way too much work or way to little. Neither is ideal. Right now I’m dealing with the former, trying to balance copywriting projects during the week with magazine deadlines, agent queries, novel writing, blogging, and workshop planning on the weekends. Which doesn’t leave me with much of what normal people would call a weekend. But somehow, I’m still having fun.

I first became a mother of a multi-tasker as an undergraduate in college, when I double majored in music and advertising. I once had an advertising class on one side of campus that left me only five minutes to get to the other side of campus for my opera workshop. My opera instructor was never happy that I didn’t wear skirts and high heels to class like all the other sopranos, but it was either tennis shoes or tardiness.

Things haven’t really changed much since.

On that note, I am always interested in guest bloggers. Please contact me if you’re interested in writing a post for Writer Abroad.

How do you handle multiple projects?


  1. Good for you if you thrive on stress and deadlines. I don't really. I like to have one project on the go at a time, a big thing to get my teeth into like a book. I don't think I can have too many things in my head at once. No I'm a complete monotasker.

  2. Some are addicted to stress, actually. You're lucky. Always wanted to be a traveling writer. The vagabond vibe is always appealing to me.



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