Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Writer Grows Up

Becoming a writer is like going through puberty. Both involve confusion, social awkwardness, and uncertainty. Both involve other people reassuring you that you are normal. And both involve writing things in your journal such as “I feel so rejected. I am so depressed.”

But becoming a writer abroad is like going through puberty and childhood. At the same time. On the one hand, you’re this little kid, barely speaking the local language and on the other hand you’re this teenager trying to define yourself and your place in this new world.

Writer Abroad has emerged from both puberty and childhood (although she still has her moments in both worlds) and has learned that it helps to do an adult thing, like make business cards. These will make you look serious and feel professional. Lawyers have them and they feel important. Why shouldn’t writers?

If this is your first time, take it slow and make the cards yourself. Sites like allow you to choose designs or upload your own. You can even order ten test cards to make sure you like your new self.

Once you get a little more serious and committed to your literary identity, it’s time to pay an experienced designer to help you brand yourself. Or offer to trade services—you write copy for her and she creates a card for you. Writer Abroad just did a trade like this with a Switzerland-based British designer and is thrilled with the results. She now has a new logo, new business cards, new letterheads, and more. She really feels all grown up.


  1. Ooo, congrats! Could we see your shiny new business cards? I like the analogy, too.

  2. I love! All of their products are great, and the business cards are very handy for someone just starting out on their own, as a writer, consultant, or what not. Congrats on your new, grown-up self :)

  3. Don't we get a peek at the new cards? :)

  4. Thanks. I guess I should show off the design at some point :-)

    And cards are nice. I know. I still have some.

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