Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Train from Paris to Zurich

Gare de l'Est
Take the train to take your writing further

There’s something about the TGV. Every time Writer Abroad rides it from Paris to Zurich her novel goes somewhere too. It was two years ago when the train inspired the idea for her novel and two weeks ago when the same train ride helped her solve a plot issue that had been bothering her.

This makes Writer Abroad wish she had the time to do her writing on the train every week. But unfortunately, this isn’t too practical. Because besides bringing her laptop, Writer Abroad would normally also have to also bring her 11-month-old baby. Nope, right now when it comes to writing, it's nap time or never.

Where would you write if you could write anywhere? 


  1. i once backpacked around europe and i can attest to the good ol tgv inspiring some new thoughts! for me, being on trains really does spark a lot of new ideas, as well as being on airplanes.
    also, when i have the benefit of just being somewhere naturally serene and marvelous like the rocky mountains in colorado!


  2. Yes, airplanes also do the trick for me. Anything that is moving--except cars, for some reason.

  3. What else is the best except the train? This is one of my dreams...... still couldn’t made it 

  4. I agree wills, this is one of the best! Yeah, I also like to have a trip.....

  5. There is nothing like travel to give you new ideas and get new experience!

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