Friday, February 12, 2010

International Writing Round-Up

Every Friday, Writer Abroad is going to feature a few posts she found interesting over the week. She's biased, so she might sometimes link to herself. Please excuse her.

Robin Pascoe, the "Expat Expert", reminds us all that the Transitions Abroad Expatriate Travel Writing Contest deadline is coming up fast.

According to Jo Parfitt, authors are needed for Culture Smart books and she has a personal connection to the series editor that she's happy to share.

For all you globetrotters, over on Coconut Radio, Thaitin-based writer Celeste Brash has a great post on how to prepare for national disasters abroad.

The INTERN gives us an insider's view on Why Does Publishing a Book Take so @$&% Long?

And then there was yours truly, giving advice on what she's learned so far as a writer over on The Guide to Literary Agents. (I told you I'm shameless).

Anyhow, a Schoenes Wochenende to all. Writer Abroad will be celebrating her city's celebration of Carnival this weekend by wearing earplugs.


  1. Shameless is good! That's where I found you ...

    Good luck for Carnival. It's all over us like a rash, too.

  2. Thanks. One night down. Five to go!

    Last night they played until 4 a.m. It's going to be a long weekend.

    Good luck to you too.

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