Friday, February 26, 2010

Queries, LinkedIn Groups, and Hooters

Every Friday, Writer Abroad is going to feature a few great things she discovered over the week. She's biased, so she might sometimes link to herself. Please excuse her.

Writer Abroad will start with something non-writing related this week. Namely, what the heck is becoming of Interlaken, Switzerland? (see photo)

Anyhow, Writer Abroad digresses.

Looking for a literary agent? Agent Query has a great resource on how to write a query.

Writer Abroad discovered a new writing blog written by Sue Guiney, an American author living in London.

Yet another book on the to-read list: Forgetting English by Midge Raymond. It’s all about how our home country shapes our identity abroad and would probably explain why Writer Abroad still can't eat more than three slices of her Swiss neighbor's melted cheese but can eat plenty of her Grandpa's Easy Cheese.

Writer Abroad is a member of Expatriate Writers and Journalists on LinkedIn. Now she doesn’t feel so alone. Maybe you’d like to join her.

This weekend Writer Abroad will be doing Hausfrau things like cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry to prepare for her next overseas guest. She just hopes she can clean out the dryer's lint filter to the standards expected by her Swiss neighbor. This is a woman who power washes her concrete balcony twice a year. Keeping up with the Joneses is not possible (or recommended) in Switzerland.


  1. You think that's bad? Our neighbours used to dust their flowerpots. The ones outside on their balcony, that is.

    Only in CH.

    LCM x

  2. Ha ha. My neighbor's labeled my garden a "katastroph" because I don't do such things. Unfortunately that's one of those words really close to English so I can't pretend it means something else. Dang.

  3. My 80-something year-old Slovak neighbor once shamed me:

  4. Expatresse,

    I just read all about your neighbor, she sounds just like mine! Although mine hasn't cleaned my windows yet, I wouldn't put that past her. Great blog!

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