Friday, February 19, 2010

International Writing Round-Up

Every Friday, Writer Abroad is going to feature a few great things she discovered over the week. She's biased, so she might sometimes link to herself. Please excuse her.

Author Philip Graham, who has lived in both Portugal and Africa, discusses how All Writing is Travel Writing.

Laurel Zuckerman keeps us dreaming about living the writing life in Paris via Paris Writers News.

Writer's Digest has announced its Annual Writing Competition. Deadline is May 14, 2010.

Geneva-based American copywriter Greg Christensen has a fun series on Great Creative, Neutral Country, called "Vancouver 2010 as seen from a small European Country."

Writer Abroad just discovered La Muse Writers' and Artists' Retreat via Twitter. Like she needed an excuse to go back to Southern France.

This weekend Writer Abroad will be debating whether or not to watch the Swiss set the town of Liestal on fire or avoid getting burned by escaping to Italy. Either way, she'll be celebrating the fact that carnival is finally over. At least in her town.


  1. I love that La Muse offers a barter option.

  2. Agree. Now us starving artists can work for our supper.

  3. What great links! Thanks Chantal! ♥

  4. Glad they were useful!

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